On the move

Since february this year I have been active as a board member in the international interreligious women’s group Iketh. Over the past couple of months Reinhild, Susanne, Naida, Martina and myself worked together to plan a seminar about hospitality and refugees called: On the Move. The 23rd of september it was finally go time. We... Lees verder →

Iketh meeting

A few months ago I was asked to join the preparation meeting for the congress. We were meeting in Tübingen to go over all the plans. Given my work in several dialogue groups I was immediately interested. I knew Martine from some lectures I had given in her convent so there at least was one... Lees verder →

Confronting Prejudice and Discrimination

Last June I got the chance to participate in a really exciting seminar hosted by the Anne Frank House.  About twenty teachers or educational staff from all over the world were flown into Amsterdam to share their experiences with confronting prejudice and discrimination. When I got the invitation I immediatly got excited. Although I'm really passionate about projects that... Lees verder →

Bijzondere ontmoetingen in het Joods Historisch

Met veel plezier werk ik al enkele jaren in het Joods Historisch Kindermuseum. Hoewel de naam van mijn functie elke paar jaar verandert ( gastvrouw, challebakster) blijft het werk hetzelfde. Het is mijn taak om bezoekers van het museum een welkom gevoel te geven, informatie geven over het jodendom en een workshop Challebakken geven. Je... Lees verder →

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